Grant LaButte

This Happened [Festival Prep, Natty Gainz, Longboard, Bridge Jump GoPro]

Thanks for tuning in! This vlog had everything i loved it!! Let me know what you guys think of it and the channel in the

Shoulder Workout For Mass | Boulder Shoulders

Big time shoulder work for mass. Let me know if you have any questions 💪🏼Routine: Overhead press Upright Row Lateral Raise Front Raise Rear Delt Machine Rear Delt Cable RowsInstagram: grant

An Average Crossfitter

First CrossFit Competition Experience!

Thinking about competing for the first time? Afraid to leave your comfort zone? Too Nervous? Intimidated? Follow Hollie as she goes through all the emotions during

Best CrossFit Advice!

Some of the best CrossFit advice I've heard, especially for newcomers to the sport! All from a man that has been there, done it and got