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Training With My Coach… Christmas Is Coming!

Yo team!! Christmas is coming!! In this vlog i get a workout in with Alex who is coaching me through this off season and into my diet next year! We then get all christmassy putting the tree & outside lights up! Who else is feeling festive!My Social Medias - Instagram - Facebook

Dieting & Partying (During A Bulk)

Hope you guys enjoy this one guys! Let me know if you have any dieting questions. Dan't forget to party it uppp ;)Follow me on insta! @gbuttefitt or Nemezis Apparel @nemezisth or Mo Samuels Welcome To RET Peer Pressuring Subscribers... (First DJ set) Never Seen One This Big Before... 100% Honest NSFW Q & A bOOking

High-Volume Leg Day

This is a high-volume leg workout🦵🏼🔥 The focus was to get the legs pumped up with blood and ready to grow!Warmup Leg extensions & Leg curls 5-6 sets of 10-20 reps Drop Sets at the end of both...go until failure!Your legs will be warm and ready for some heavy leg presses or squats!Leg

A new beginning of my channel

I will start to post again. New videos will be dropped every thursday. My channel will have home workouts,gym workouts,and my ascension to my first men's physique competition.


So the name of the account will be changing! It will be going from AB Fitness to Alex AmorginosUse code "ABF10" for 10% off at US!▣ Instagram: ▣ Snapchat: ab_fitness ▣ Facebook: ▣ Twitter: ▣ Check out other Fitness Vloggers at