Alex Kenny | Five Year Natural Bodybuilding Transformation

Made a transformation vid a few years ago, but I've made progress since then so thought I'd make a new one. Hope you enjoy. Subscribe if you'd like to be part of the journey! :)Follow me on IG:

Moving Away from Fitness YouTube

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FULL Chest & Triceps Workout | Building Aesthetics & Strength

Warmup: Incline bench-- bar for 1-2 sets of 15-20 slow reps 135 for 4-5 repsWORKOUT: Barbell Incline Bench: 5x5 Overhead Tricep Extension: 4x10-15 Cable Chest Fly: 4x10-15 Straight Bar Tricep Pushdown: 4x8-10 Flat Chest Press: 3x10-12 Finisher-- Pushups: 2x12-20, 1xfailureFollow me on IG:

Why You Should be Eating Before Exercise

If you currently don't eat before you work out, give it a shot for a week and you'll definitely feel the difference!Instagram: