Im Back & Why I Needed Time Away!

IM FINALLY BACK! But where have I been and why did I need time away. All is explained in the latest vlog where I talk about everything that is going on in my life.Midlands Fitness Games Sign Up:[email protected] on Insta and FacebookChallenge State CDB Oils (Use Code JACK20)

So What Next!?

Open over... So What Next for you Average CrossFitter!? A rare behind the scenes vlog on what I am up to and what I have planned for 2020! Hope you Enjoy!!! Like & SubscribeScott @ Movember Team Link -

20.5 – Ending on a HIGH!

And just like that... The Open is over!! Happy to end on a High! but also happy to get back to normal training! How did you get on in 20.5 and the open overall?


This week was 20.3 - This one was 1 and done.... as simple as that!This weeks Vlog is sponsored by the awesome go check them out for all things CrossFit and fitness related!!