Killing Legs And Back With Diana Aleks

Legs And Back Massive Workout Featuring Diana Aleks Workout Routine 1) Squats- 5 Sets 5-10 reps 2)One Leg Lunges- 4 sets 10-12 reps 3)Leg KickBacks- 4 sets 10-15 reps 4)Kettle Bell Squats- 4 sets 10-15 reps 5)Deadlifts- 5 sets 5-10 reps 6)Handle Lat Pulldowns- 4 sets 10-12 reps 7)Seated One Arm Rows- 4 sets 10-12 reps 8)Cable Lat Rows- 4

#liftingbigdreams Chest and Triceps

Crazy chest and triceps workout to get you a good pump and great mass! - - Workout routine- 1) bench press- 5 sets 5-10 reps 2)incline dumbbell press- 4 sets 5-10 reps 3) kneeling cable flys- 4 sets 7-12 reps 4) low cable flys- 3 sets 7-12 reps 5)skull crushers- 4 sets 7-10 reps - - For more workout videos

Helping Homeless In Time Square On Christmas Eve

Most People On Christmas Eve think about what they get and what they want and not really what they need. The people that are struggling everyday need a lot an no one thinks about them. So me and my Family Went to Times Square and Gave the Homeless Care Packages, Burgers, And

#liftingbigdreams Back Day and Arms

Insane Back day Major exercises for getting a mass back and huge arms Instagram: @chrisharrisfitnessny @liftingbigdreams Snapchat: @c_harris24 New #liftingbigdreams Crew neck now available in 3 new colors online only! Subscribe Comment Like (What should I do next) Comment Below

Insane leg day

#liftingbigdreams Insane leg day for mass and strength !! Squats- 5 sets max reps Rear foot elevated lunges- 4 sets max reps Standing calf raises- 4 sets max reps Leg extensions- 4 sets max reps Hamstring curl- 4 sets max reps Stiff leg dumbbell lifts- 4 sets max reps Instagram: @chrisharrisfitnessny

Shoulder Gainz

Crazy Insane Shoulder WorkoutHitting all sides of the shoulders in this workout including your traps!#liftingBigDreamsIG: @TheeChrisHarrisFitness Snapchat: @C_Harris24 Twitter: @TheechrisHarris