First Chest workout back

First chest workout back from being sick and first edit too sit back and enjoy ;) Instagram: Djimongordon Snapchat: Djimon_22

Why’s my friend Biking to every state capital in the U.S.?

In this Video Today I'm talking about my friend who is biking to every state capital in the U.S. to raise awareness on the educational system.Youtube Channel: (Adriandelavegah) Instagram: Adriandelavegah Instagram: DjimonGordon Snapchat: Djimon_22

Shoulder superset workout/Cable front raises

These are short clips from my workouts but, when doing this workout really focus on bringing the weight up with your shoulders squeezing your back. Instagram:DjimonGordon Snapchat: Djimon_22

What’s DST Homeless?? In the video today I'm talking about DST homeless and DST's future goal Instagram: Djimongordon Follow me on my Snapchat for my Gymshark 66 day challenge @Djimon_22

10×10 killer Back superset!! Insta: Djimongordon Follow me on Snapchat for my #66daychallenge by gymshark Snapchat: Djimon_22 This is one of my favorite back supersets that target your lats. I go for 10 mid range reps followed by 10 full range rep. Give it a shot!

Let’s make 2018 your best year

In the video today I'm talking about setting short term, long term goals, sticking with them and learning how to pace yourself and achieve them effectively for the start of the new year. Instagram: DjimonGordon Snapchat: Djimon_22 Thank you guys for watching kick back and enjoy!