Merrimack College Spring Weekend 2019

YEAH BOYYYYYYYYYY!!!!Spring Weeknd 2k19 was litttt!!!Love you Mack, always a blast!Please Share :)Tags: Merrimack College Merrimack College Spring Weekend Rave Festival College Party Spring Weekend 2019 Party College Party School Lil Baby

Insane Workout In Croatia 🇭🇷

Huge thanks to Marina for an epic leg day in Croatia. This collab was awesome to make! These heavy squats killed us so make sure to try these by implementing heavy weight to push yourselves in the gym.Go follow Marina in instagram: @marina_lifts me on Instagram: @gbutte16 fitness motivation fitness

Chasing What I Love

I know its been a bit everyone but I have missed all of you! Glad to be back posting my travels all through March! It's been a wild journey as you can see and excited to be uploading the remainder of my trip and get back to basics in the

7 Days In Morocco

Thanks for tuning in boys and girls :) hope you all enjoyed!Tags: Morocco Vlog Morocco Travel Morocco Shopping Travel Vlog Travel Life Gymshark Steve Cook Mo Samuels How to grow on YouTube fast David Laid Africa Vlog Northern Africa Vlog

Traveling in Madrid

Video #2 of the travel series up and rolling! Hope you guys enjoy it, this was by far my favorite video I've created yet. I am alive and well and still surviving abroad so no need to worry. Love you guysInstagram: gbutte16Tags: Festival Season Festival RAVE aesthetics aesthetics life aesthetics on omegle Travel Vlog Travel to Spain Barcelona

We Have Landed!

Thanks for tuning in everyone! Been and insane trip so far and it's only just begun. Can't wait to explore more with you guys these coming months! Get ready cause I promise you its going to be absolutely insane! Sorry for the delay in uploading too, I've been super busy

I’m The Busiest Man Alive

Whats up boys and girls. At you with another video, of me living and lovin my life. Appreciate all the support and next video starts my travel vlogs! We'll see what happens lolGo follow me on insta: gbutte16 and fitboybutteTags: Natural Athlete Gymshark Alphalete Steve Cook RyanJTerry David Laid Mo Samuels Wob Squad Brandon Harding Christian Guzman Gym Workout Back Workout How to


Thanks for tuning in my friends! We hit 400 subs people, you all are beautiful human beings :) Yes, that blood is real blood, I did bleed my own blood and I am ok. Very traumatic situation. Pretty scared for a while...Follow me on insta: gbutte16 and fitboybutteTags: Natural Athlete Body Transformation Super

My Career Highlights – Merrimack College Football

Hope you guys enjoy seeing this side of me on the field booting the ball, forcing fumbles, and yes making tackles! Was a fantastic two seasons of playing for Merrimack and so grateful for the opportunity presented to me. Thanks everyone for the support as well. Two weeks until the