DDS Ep. 1 Detroit

DDS is a series that will be appearing on my channel every once in a while when I feel like im doing dope shit. I dont post often anymore anyways hahahaFollow me on the gram @jason_lanham444http://www.fitnessvloggers.con


Urban & Workout Edit modeling Size Up, which is a supplement store chain and clothing line that started in metro Detroit! This video captures that cinematic but yet gritty style i love to produce, so Enjoy!Like, comment, share & subscribe!follow me on the socials! Instagram (personal) @jason_lanham444 instagram (company) @astrocreativeco

Taking a look back & Moving forward…

This video takes a look back at the past year and a half, the ups & downs and what to expect from me in the future...Socials: Instagram: @jason_lanham444 snapchat: lambolanham444

Chicago Supercar Saturday!

Haven't done anything car related in a while, also had to make an edit out of it ofcourse! Thanks for watching!Follow me on the socials! Twitter & Insta: Lambo_lanham444 Snapchat: Lambolanham444


It's been nearly 3 months since I last uploaded, sorry my life has been crazy! In Chicago and will be making videos better than ever for you guys!Follow me on the socials! Twitter & Instagram: Lambo_lanham444 Snapchat: Lambolanham444Dennis' Channel: song: Icarus by Madeon Edit song: 4U by Jordan Comolli

Arnold Classic 2K17 ft.The Inzano twins

The Arnold Classic 2017 in Columbus Ohio! Had a great time with great friends, met so many great people and had a crazy fun weekend!Follow me on the socials Twitter & Instagram: @Lambo_lanham444 Snapchat: Lambolanham444


Starting my cut for the Arnold Classic and my cruise I am going on, but more importantly there is puppies and a leg day edit.Thanks to Alex like always for helping shoot the workouts! Alex's channel: me on the socials Twitter & Insta @Lambo_lanham444 Snapchat Lambolanham444Tell people I make videos and they're

WE HANG WITH MODELS | Vlog | Announcement #Trend45

I never know what to put here... If I describe the video you might not be interested in watching it, so just take 6 minutes out of your "busy" day and watch me video please!Alex's Channel: Check out Trend45: me on the Socials! Twitter & Instagram: @Lambo_lanham444 Snapchat: Lambolanham444