Not Safe for YouTube | Crazy Kiwi Adventurer 2

From LA to Huntington Beach to San Diego to Los Vegas. It's not the calm before the storm. It's the storm before the chaos. What a time to be alive. Oh and #ballsout lol good one Stephen.The Crazy Kiwi Adventurer will be my new mini series. Just showcasing a bunch

Are You This Spontaneous? | Crazy Kiwi Adventurer 1

Since I've been living in Quebec, a French speaking city and province for the last 6 months, I have learnt more about myself through solitude and the unknown that at any other point in my life. I'm now beginning my new journey to Bali. I will be going via California

Top 3 Tips for Healthier Travel

Have you ever been bloated, had poor digestion, suffered from poor sleep, felt drained or even nauseous or lethargic from your flight? If that's you then this video is for you.Flying can be a huge stress on the body, the digestive system and even your hormonal balance as it throws

Calories In Calories Out Must Knows [Your Fat Loss Plan Ep3]

The definition of fat loss is to be in a caloric deficit. It is scientifically impossible for the body to lose more bodyfat than it's storing during a caloric surplus. However, it is possible for your natural caloric expenditure to go up, making what would seem to have been a

The Basics of Fat Loss [Your Fat Loss Plan Ep2]

This episode covers the fundamental laws of fat loss. A + B always = C. However there are some smaller pieces to the puzzle that create the more ideal situation for fat loss that we touch on. It is also important to mention the misconceptions in how to achieve fat

Crystal Clear Goal Setting [Your Fat Loss Plan Ep1]

This episode is based around how practical and necessary it is to create crystal clear goals and visions. If you want anything out of this life, you need to seriously consider whether you're doing everything you can to gain it. Establishing your goals in a clear and concise way has

Monkey Suit Dancing in Traffic

Gets dressed up in Monkey onesie, dances in front of dozens of cars, runs away.Quebec City, QuebecFitness Vloggers

The American Triple

THIS is how you celebrate labor day.Not with an American Double...But with an American Triple.Oh and in the last second I gave myself a second degree burn from Master Yoda on my forearm while coughing to death.


Dane teaches us how to be a Skux, 10 fold your matches and minimize effort all with one easy homemade tool. It even has Intelligent Salami features as pointed out in the video.Ingredients required for Skux Soup - A Smart Phone - Tinder Account - Salami - Drill - Tape - A box or something to

How to ALWAYS activate your Glutes

How to ALWAYS activate your glutes no matter what problem you have. The entire background and understanding to why you can't activate your glutes. What's causing this problem and how to fix it.On the lookout for collabs in San Diego! Email me if you're interested: [email protected] you haven't already subscribed,