Taylor & I are officially homeowners as we just bought a house! Talk about a way to end 2019. This is something that we really wanted to do for sometime now, and of course when the perfect house popped up we just couldn't resist!I truly hope you guys enjoy our


In today's video I review Bodybuilding.com's ZMA supplement. Now I have heard A LOT of things about ZMAs so I figured I would give them a try and come out with an honest review for you guys!The ZMA supplement consists of Zinc and Magnesium, which are two essential minerals you

MY FAVORITE CHEAT MEAL // High Volume Shoulder Workout

In today's video I bring you guys along for my absolute FAVORITE cheat meal! But of course in order to eat any cheat meal, you must have a great workout beforehand, and that is exactly what I did with a high volume shoulder workout that you guys NEED to try

LIFE UPDATE // Old School Back Workout

It has been SO long since my last YouTube video, but man does it feel good to be back! Of course with being in a hiatus for few weeks now, I wanted to give you guys a quick life update and tell you the main reason why I have been

Summer Shredding Classic 2019 // Retiring The Board Shorts

The Summer Shredding Classic 2019 is officially in the books and what a show it was! I had such a blast being up on that Summer Shredding stage competing in Men's Physique, and was able to take home the 3rd place overall trophy in my class!Being able to head back

SHREDDED BACK WORKOUT // Summer Shredding Physique Update

MattLeeFit T Shirts: http://bit.ly/MattLeeFitShirtsWe are officially 26 days out from the Christian Guzman's Summer Shredding Classic as I will be stepping up on stage to compete in Men's Physique! With showtime right around the corner, I of course have to show you guys a current physique update!In addition to the physique

ULTIMATE DIETING HACKS // Tips & Tricks To Make Dieting Easier

In today's video we break down our top dieting hacks as we present you guys with countless tips and tricks to make dieting easier! Dieting and losing weight can definitely be a challenge, but with these simple tips and tricks, you will definitely be set up on a path for