Am I not competing again?

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Visiting My Family After One Year

#oneyear #emotional #RomaniaVlogI hope you guys enjoyed this vloggy vlog from last week when I've been back home in Romania ??There are just 2 weeks and a half left of this year and I just can't realise that yet! Planning to do a 'My Year 2018' video, what do you

New Gym, New Lens & Juicy Burgers

#MuscleworksOrpington #NewGymLondon #Byron New Gym, New Lens & Juicy BurgersFull Boxing Video: hope you guys enjoyed this vlog, even if it was a bit all over the place! I had so much footage that I decided to make something out of it! I have one more video scheduled for end

I finally made this decision…

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They Literally Made Me Do This!

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The Creator Agency Event London ft. Rob Lipsett, Brandon Harding, MattDoesFitness & Mo Samuels

First Episode of the Podcast:'s Channel:'s channel:'s channel:'s channel: so lovely to meet everyone and share some good energies together! I hope you guys enjoyed this vlog and if you're reading this when the vlog goes live, expect another vlog dropping in less than 24

I filmed a £500.000 Property

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