Pain and Gain Episode 3 // Were Back Baby

This week I show you my physique update during this shredding/cutting period and I give you all the information I can about my upcoming workout plans. You get a tour of what the past month has been like for me and a mini vlog involving a pool party that took

Thank You

Today I broke my camera. This means that there will be a delay on episode 3 of Pain and Gain until its fixed and returned by next week. With that being said Ive had not been able to film anything so I thought id hit you guys with some nostaligic

Pain and Gain Episode 2 // Spring Break

On this episode of Pain and Gain I flew my friends into Northern California where they skied for the first time. Tennis is a great form of cardio when taking seriously and breaking your friends phone for being late to a workout is most definitely justified. I also give you

Four Easy Shoulder Workouts // Crazy Week

Shoulder workouts are essential to building an aesthetic physique. College can take tons of time out of our day, studying and social atmospheres sometimes get the best out of us. However, these shoulder lifts will allow you to grow your shoulders without driving to the gym everyday. Each and everyone

I Have to Stop Cutting

Whats up guys new content is on the way and I just wanted to keep you updated with my process, my current physique, and what we got in store. Enjoy

Coming For it All // Workout Motivation

My name is Sebastian Gardey and I love fitness. My goal is to hopefully inspire and help others to achieve their goals in the fitness world and beyond. I believe with hardwork and dedication anyone can achieve their goals in life. I started lifting at the age of 16, weighing

UCLA Fraternity Party // What I Eat When I Cut

As promised heres another video and this one includes an eventful night and all the things I eat/take/drink when cutting down weight. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this video and let me know what you guys want to see next!