I Have to Stop Cutting

Whats up guys new content is on the way and I just wanted to keep you updated with my process, my current physique, and what we got in store. Enjoy

Coming For it All // Workout Motivation

My name is Sebastian Gardey and I love fitness. My goal is to hopefully inspire and help others to achieve their goals in the fitness world and beyond. I believe with hardwork and dedication anyone can achieve their goals in life. I started lifting at the age of 16, weighing

UCLA Fraternity Party // What I Eat When I Cut

As promised heres another video and this one includes an eventful night and all the things I eat/take/drink when cutting down weight. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this video and let me know what you guys want to see next!

Cutting With Sebastian Gardey Ep 2 // I LOST 10 POUNDS?!

Its been a long week but I am back with another video and I am beginning to shred off all that fat. Turn on post notifications to follow me during this journey to get a lean and clean physique. Remember as always, like, comment, and SUBSCRIBEThe Curse Pre Workout: https://amzn.to/2t9yZzfCannon

1000 Pushups in One Hour // STEVE COOK CHALLENGE

Steve Cook challenged his viewers to attempt 1000 pushups in one hour. After a long weekend of partying I owed it to myself to cut down some junk and complete this brutal workout late at night. Hopefully you enjoyed this video AND IF YOU DID? @Stevecook and give it a

Cutting With Sebastian Gardey

Welcome to my first video as I start my cutting routine. Though this video is not extremely instructional, Im still waiting for responses to see what you guys really want to see in these next upcoming videos. Wondering what to eat? How to lift? Let me be the guy to

Bulking Series Ep 4 // What’s Next?

Bulking has come to an end and it has been cut short. My 220lb goal was cut short at around 211 pounds. Im still happy with how I was able to put on muscle and size in such a short period but its time that I begin to cut. I