2018 Games: O’Brien Lifts Up EZ

Mallory O’Brien’s story as an athlete started at the tender age of two when her mother took her to gymnastics classes. As a young gymnast, she progressed to level six, where she would perform one-minute-long floor routines. She also eventually competed at the state level. O’Brien discovered CrossFit at only 10 years old. She began training at CrossFit Unorthodox, an affiliate owned by two-time Games athlete Elijah Muhammad. Now 14, O’Brien is striving to follow in Muhammad’s footsteps.

Currently, she sits in second position after four events, with Muhammad coaching her from the sidelines in Madison. “The Rope and Yoke was a great event for me. I am particularly looking forward to Saturday’s Jump Finish because I love muscle-ups and squats.”” Muhammad is a born athlete who has always wanted to coach. I love being on this side of the field. I have had so many people in my corner supporting me that I just want to give something back to others.”” Many young athletes have approached Muhammad, saying how much they want to get to the Games. But when he sat down with O’Brien and explained the tough road ahead of her, Muhammad just knew she was special—she could do it. “I just want to be an athlete. Working with Elijah is the best, and his experience of competing here before has been really helpful for me. We haven’t yet worked out what we will do if he and I both qualify next year.”

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