All In: A Brent Fikowski Documentary—Episode 4 – Journal Preview

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After winning the 2018 West Regional, perennial Games athlete Brent Fikowski says his focus immediately switched to the CrossFit Games.

“The goal is to make it (to the Games),” he says. “Once you make it there, the next two months is a lot of hard work to prep for a grueling competition.”

In Episode 4 of this series, Fikowski provides viewers with some comic relief as he chats about childhood, competition and swimming on his talk show “Between Two Things.”

Fikowski grew up as a competitive swimmer, and he identifies parallels between competing in the water and competing in CrossFit.

“You can’t control what the lanes next to you are doing,” he says. “You’re in your lane, and when things get really hard near the end, it’s who … can kind of really grit through while staying really refined and just focus on their own race.”

Later, it’s time to head to Madison, Wisconsin, for the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games. Watch as Fikowksi gets checked in and the competition begins to unfold.

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