All In: A Brent Fikowski Documentary—The Final Episode (Preview)

Video by S.J. Finlay

In the final episode of “All In: A Brent Fikowski Documentary,” the athlete from Kelowna, Canada, closes out his third consecutive CrossFit Games competition.

Heading into the final event, Aeneas, Games veteran Lukas Högberg is in the third podium spot, ahead of Fikowski by 34 points. While Fikowski knows he has to do something spectacular to get himself back on the podium, he also sees the bigger picture.

“It’s more about who I become along the way and the people I meet and the people’s lives I get to impact,” he says.

Ultimately, Fikowski finishes fourth in the final event, while Högberg takes 15th, surrendering the 34 points Fikowski needed to catch up. A tiebreaker determines their fate, and The Professor takes fourth overall, matching his performance in 2016.

“This is far from over for me,” Fikowski says. “Luckily, I’m young and I’m healthy. I plan on doing this for a few more years.”

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