CROSSFIT GAMES Press Release on Corona Virus – COVID 19

The CrossFit Games begin on Wednesday, July 29, and conclude on Sunday, Aug. 2. The event welcomes national champions and top athletes from over 127 countries to compete for the title of Fittest on Earth. It will be streamed live and available via a variety of media outlets worldwide. CrossFit will continue to monitor circumstances globally in the coming months and coordinate with Madison, our host community, to communicate information regarding our event.
The CrossFit Games are a unique community event. What began on a small ranch in California has evolved into an internationally renowned competition and festival with commensurate attention paid to athlete and spectator safety. If circumstances require it, the CrossFit Games have existing medical and emergency action plans that have been developed and continuously updated over the previous 13 seasons. During that time, CrossFit has produced over 150 global competitions, each with unique challenges. At this time, with the CrossFit Games more than four months away, event planning procedures include patient observation of the coronavirus (COVID-19). If circumstances closer to the event require action, our teams will coordinate with local authorities and share relevant event information as appropriate.

CrossFit, along with our hosts, looks forward to welcoming you to the best edition of the CrossFit Games to date. See you in Madison.

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