CrossFit Games Score Submission Issues – What to do?

Late scores will not be accepted. But what if you are having issues submitting your score? Here is the correct protocol to follow in order to get some help from Games Support. 

  • Email [email protected] before the score submission deadline on Monday.
    • Any emails received after the deadline will not be considered—even if your dog ate your scorecard, or your roommate’s cousin’s favorite aunt is in the hospital, or you simply forgot and “can’t you make an exception just for me?” No. Nein. Nyet.
  • Provide all necessary score information.
    • your name
    • email address you are registered with
    • your score (reps, time, tiebreak, etc)
    • did you complete the workout Rx’d or Scaled
    • the name of the affiliate where you completed the workout
    • your judge’s full name
    • or the video url
  • Pro tip: WRITING IN ALL CAPS or using excessive exclamation points will not speed up the process. Nor will sending more than one email about the same thing. All you succeed in doing by re-sending your request is resetting your place in the queue. We will honor all emails received before the deadline. Patience, young grasshopper.

You can confirm your score has been successfully submitted by seeing that it appears in your Score Submission History. If you do not see your score on that page, it is not in our system, and you need to try again.

For the latest information please visit the CrossFit Games page by clicking here.

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