CrossFit Open and Quarterfinals 101 – Dave Castro on the 2021 CrossFit Games Season

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In this three-part interview with CrossFit General Manager of Sport Dave Castro, we’ll learn about the format of the 2021 CrossFit Games season. CrossFit Games analyst Annie Sakamoto chats with Castro as they walk us through the multiple phases of the season step by step, addressing questions like, “What are Quarterfinals and Semifinals?”, “How many people will qualify for the Games”?, “How will the equipment-free athletes be ranked on the leaderboard?”, “What equipment do I need to compete in the Open from home?”, and more.

00:00 – Introduction
1:58 – What is special about the Open?
2:42 – How many events will be included in this year’s Open?
2:57 – What is the equipment-free option?
3:28 – What size dumbbells will we need?
4:20 – What is the new Foundations division? What are the different versions available this year?
5:59 – Should I go Rx’d in this year’s Open?
7:02 – Do you have any advice on how to prepare for this year’s Open?
7:50 – Using the Open as an opportunity to reset your fitness journey.
08:53 – What are Quarterfinals?
10:45 – What to expect in Quarterfinals? What equipment will be needed?
11:33 – What will the team Quarterfinals look like?
12:25 – The opportunity for athletes to advance and shine

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