Dani Speegle and Adrian Mundwiler Withdraw From 2021 CrossFit Games

After Event Five, it was clear that Dani Speegle had hurt her ankle. She finished the Husafell sandbag run and then limped off the field in pain. Unfortunately, Speegle has withdrawn due to an ankle injury CrossFit Inc. announced confirming Speegleā€™s withdrawal. They also stated that Adrian Mundwiler also withdrew but CrossFit Inc. only said it was due to medical reasons with no other details. Neither athlete withdrawal was due to COVID-19 according to CrossFit.

Sani Speegle released the following statement on Instagram while Adrian Mundwiler has not released any information as of this post.

These wo atheletes withdrawal comes after several other atheletes withdrawing today. For more Crossfit Games coverage clicking here.

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