Games Central 07.22: Will Tia Be Dethroned?

Reigning champion Tia-Clair Toomey will defend her title of Fittest Woman on Earth in less than a week.

Sean Woodland, Annie Sakamoto, and Tommy Marquez highlight the women who may push Toomey to her limit. The crew also shares their favorites to win in the masters and teenage divisions.

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00:00-00:19 Tease
00:19- 05:35 Intro/ Annie and Tommy Top 3 Picks to Watch
05:35-07:38 Rookie of the Year Picks
07:38-09:36 Dark Horse Picks
09:36-11:27 Top Picks for Masters
11:27-13:12 Top Picks for Teens
13:12-13:52 Recap
13:52- 14:34 2022 Open
14:34-15:25 Final Thoughts, Virtual Games Promo to End

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