Games Central 08.19: Is 2022 the Year of the Comeback?

It’s been nearly a month since the start of the 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Games, and the offseason is in full swing.

In this edition of Games Central, Sean Woodland breaks down the Games performances of notable training camps, including CompTrain, and highlights five-time Masters champion Susan Clarke’s perfect Games record. Woodland also checks in on Games athletes Sara Sigmundsdottir and Brooke Wells, who are currently on the road to recovery.

“I want it back,” says former Games competitor Tommy Hackenbruck about the Affiliate Cup. Could the three-time Cup winner lead the next team to victory in 2022?

And you won’t want to miss this: Games veterans Jacob Heppner and Josh Bridges are set to face off in Dubai on Sept. 18 in a live pay-per-view boxing match. To learn more, head to

Plus: Episode 2 of Miles to Madison will be released soon. Stay tuned to the Games YouTube, Facebook and Instagram channels for more information.

00:00 – 1:08 Intro + Sara Sigmundsdottir update
1:08 – 1:53, Brooke Wells update
1:53 – 3:12, Training Camp Games performance + CompTrain performance
3:12 – 3:52, Cole Sager + Chandler Smith spot
3:52 – 5:06, Tommy Hackenbruck return
5:06 – 5:36, Susan Clarke spot
5:36 – 6:30, Heppner vs. Bridges + outro

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