Inside the Leaderboard: Men’s Quarterfinal Recap

The Individual Quarterfinal is over, and Tommy Marquez analyzes the men’s continental leaderboards.

Marquez takes a look at the average height, weight, and age of the male competitors moving on to Semifinals and compares them to that of past Games athletes.

Later, Argentina’s Nicolas Bidarte, the overall winner in South America, joins Marquez to talk about relocating to Las Vegas to train under Justin Cotler and shares his experience training with athletes like Kari Pearce and Bethany Shadburne.

Bidarte says it’s “insane” training with other athletes like Pearce and Shadburne.

“(I) have to push much more than I used to because before I came (to Las Vegas), I was training alone, especially during the pandemic,” Bidarte says.

Bidarte says he dislikes online competitions, which was one reason why he decided to move to Las Vegas, but is “super happy” with his accomplishments in the Individual Quarterfinal. Bidarte is looking to have a similar outcome at Semifinals.

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00:00 – 0:26 – Intro
0:26 – 0:48 – Average Male Qualifying Athlete by Continent
0:48 – 1:08 – Average Men’s Scores by Continent
1:08 – 1:32 – Worldwide Male Averages Across All Continents
1:32 – 1:53 – Interview with Nicolas Bidarte
1:53 – 2:34 – “What made you decide to relocate and train in Las Vegas?”
2:34 – 3:09 – “What have you learned so far from the other athletes and coaches after training in the environment?”
3:09 – 4:04 – “What does winning quarterfinals in South America do for your confidence?”
4:04 – 4:47 – 2021 Games Tickets

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