Inside the Leaderboard: Women’s Quarterfinal Recap

The Individual Quarterfinal has come to an end, and Tommy Marquez is here to break down the women’s continental leaderboards.

Marquez takes a look at the average height, weight, and age of the female competitors heading to Semifinals and compares them to that of Games athletes in the past.

Three-time Games athlete and winner on the North America leaderboard @Amanda Barnhart joins Marquez to talk about relocating to Massachusetts. She also shares her thoughts on her performance in the Individual Quarterfinal.

Barnhart has been training alongside fellow CompTrain athletes Katrin Davidsdottir, Sam Kwant, and Chandler Smith and says she can already notice a difference in her fitness level and mindset.

Barnhart says she’s happy about the way she executed each workout over the weekend.

“I’m happy with how (my) fitness is now, and the hard work is paying off,” Barnhart says, “but it definitely motivates me more to just keep grinding … . I’m so excited to get back into normal training and get ready for the Semifinals and the Games. It fuels the fire a little bit. That’s for sure.”

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00:00 – 00:35 – Intro
00:35 – 00:55 – Average Female Qualifying by Continent
00:55 – 01:15 – Average Female Qualifying Test by Continent
01:15 – 01:43 – Worldwide Female Average Across All Continents
01:43 – 01:57 – Interview with Amanda Barnhart
01:57 – 03:49 “What is the training dynamic like now that you moved to New England?”
03:49 – 05:16 – “What was your game plan when it came to the Quarterfinals?”
05:16 – 06:21 – “What stood out about your performance at the Quarterfinals?”
06:21 – 07:02 – CrossFit Games Ticket and Volunteer Info

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