Mat Fraser shared his experience been at the 2021 CrossFit Games

Well, I’m pretty floored by this experience and we’re only half way through the week. Watching my friends compete is next level.

Being on the floor for so many years, I never got a chance to see all the work that goes into building the event. I saw the competition floor and every once in a while when I needed the energy, I saw the crowd. Now, seeing the crowd is the most impressive part. It is wild to see how many people turned out on a Wednesday, I can only imagine what the weekend will bring and I’m pumped to watch more events.

My favorite event from Day One was the sprint. There is a good bit of strategy in that seemingly simple event. How the athletes claim space in the line up, take off, settle in to the group, wedge their way up in place, turn the corner and go for broke. I get it now, being in the stands I couldn’t help but cheer as each heat turned the corner and darted across the field. It was electric in that stadium.

Mat Fraser

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