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Amit Tripuraneni: I am a filmmaker from New Zealand, by the way of India, with a dream of inspiring people from all walks of life to explore and embrace different cultures across the globe. As humans we’re all prejudiced about things we don’t know or we haven’t experienced.

With my documentaries I hope that, for someone watching, the window of insight from behind a screen morphs into a doorway for real adventures and understanding of the commonality that ties us all together irrespective of where we’re from or the color of our skin.

Out of the Box is a travelogue that covers everyday athletes and boxes in various Asian cultures, using @CrossFit® to improve their health and longevity. With the stressors of modern life and rising health issues, the travelogue tries to understand the cultural and societal norms amidst which regular CrossFitters are operating to change their lives for the better.

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