Miles to Madison Ep. 11.21: Passion Lifts the Community

The most electrifying, thrilling, and gripping episode of the series yet — Episode 11 will give you goosebumps.

Feeding off of the energy from the crowd, a cut field of athletes closes out Day 3 with a 1-rep-max snatch event under the bright lights of the Coliseum.

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And thanks to a skilled and passionate broadcast team, fans all over the world were able to experience the excitement of the Games live from home.

0:00-1:15 – Brooke Wells’ Snatch Injury
1:15-4:13 – The Demo Team Rehearses for Day 3
4:13- 6:38 – Individual Event 10: Toes-to-Bars and Running
6:38-7:51 – Scott Panchik, Tia-Clair Toomey, and Sam Briggs Reflect on IE10
7:51-8:29 – Post-cut Athlete Briefing with Dave Castro
8:29-10:19 – Inside the War Room: Preparing for the Snatch Event
10:19-11:07 – The Power of the Crowd
11:07-11:46 – Inside the Broadcast Truck
11:46-15:26 – Individual Event 12: 1-Rep-Max Snatch
15:26-16:29 – Gui Malheiros’ Snatch Technique
16:29-17:38 – Annie Thorisdottir’s Postpartum PR
17:38-17:56 – Tia-Clair Toomey’s 200-lb. Snatch
17:56-18:44 – Malheiros’ Flawless 305-lb. Snatch
18:44-20:23 – Toomey vs. Thorisdottir
20:23-21:05 – Celebrating a Successful Day 3
21:05-22:33 – Update on Wells’ Injury
22:33-23:25 – Up Next: The Final Episode of Miles to Madison

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