How I Grew my YOUTUBE CHANNEL 150+ SUBS in 13 days

I managed to grow my youtube channel 150 subscribers in just 13 days… watch to find out how!


In this video, I (Anthony Halkias) discuss with my subscribers how I was able to grow my youtube channel 150+ subs in just 13 days.

I followed two main tactics during this 13 day period to help grow my channel!! The first thing I did was to upload content daily. So tip #1.) DAILY UPLOAD! The second thing I did was comment on every video I watched. So tip #2.) BE THE PARTY IN THE COMMENT SECTION

Overall, I was able to grow my channel 158 subs in just 13 days. I hope this video was helpful to you guys! And of course, I appreciate your support everyday!

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Channel Description:
Hello, my name is Anthony Halkias. I am currently a Freshman who attends West Virginia University. I upload videos 3-7 times a week. My content varies but mainly follows around fitness, lifestyle and friends. I have a lot of big visions for this channel by the end of 2019.

Goals for 2019:
1.) 100,000 subscribers
2.) 10,000 instagram followers
3.) a video with 1 million views

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