2021 Mr. Olympia is Mamdouh Elssbiay “Big Ramy”

The Olympia is the biggest event of the year and it is one that never disappoints. This year, the best in the world gathered to Orlando to put on a memorable show over the course of the weekend.

The Men’s Open division did not disappoint.  Big Ramy was crowned the winner and took control during prejudging. Brandon Curry finished second and Hadi Choopan took third once again. The top five was strong as a unit with Nick Walker taking fifth and Hunter Labrada jumping up three spots from last year into the fourth place.

  1. Mamdouh Elssbiay
  2. Brandon Curry
  3. Hadi Choopan
  4. Hunter Labrada
  5. Nick Walker

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Mr. Olympia Winners History 

2020Mamdouh “Big Ramy” ElssbiayOrlando, FL
2019Brandon CurryLas Vegas, NV
2018Shawn RhodenLas Vegas, NV
2017Phil HeathLas Vegas, NV
2016Phil HeathLas Vegas, NV
2015Phil HeathLas Vegas, NV
2014Phil HeathLas Vegas, NV
2013Phil HeathLas Vegas, NV
2012Phil HeathLas Vegas, NV
2011Phil HeathLas Vegas, NV
2010Jay CutlerLas Vegas, NV
2009Jay CutlerLas Vegas, NV
2008Dexter JacksonLas Vegas, NV
2007Jay CutlerLas Vegas, NV
2006Jay CutlerLas Vegas, NV
2005Ronnie ColemanLas Vegas, NV
2004Ronnie ColemanLas Vegas, NV
2003Ronnie ColemanLas Vegas, NV
2002Ronnie ColemanLas Vegas, NV
2001Ronnie ColemanLas Vegas, NV
2000Ronnie ColemanLas Vegas, NV
1999Ronnie ColemanLas Vegas, NV
1998Ronnie ColemanNew York, NY
1997Dorian YatesLos Angeles, CA
1996Dorian YatesChicago, IL
1995Dorian YatesAtlanta, GA
1994Dorian YatesAtlanta, GA
1993Dorian YatesAtlanta, GA
1992Dorian YatesHelsinki, Finland
1991Lee HaneyOrlando, FL
1990Lee HaneyChicago, IL
1989Lee HaneyRimini, Italy
1988Lee HaneyLos Angeles, CA
1987Lee HaneyGothenburg, Sweden
1986Lee HaneyColumbus, OH
1985Lee HaneyBrussels, Belgium
1984Lee HaneyNew York, NY
1983Samir BannoutMunich, Germany
1982Chris DickersonLondon, England
1981Franco ColumbuColumbus, OH
1980Arnold SchwarzeneggerSydney, Australia
1979Frank ZaneColumbus, OH
1978Frank ZaneColumbus, OH
1977Frank ZaneColumbus, OH
1976Franco ColumbuColumbus, OH
1975Arnold SchwarzeneggerPretoria, South Africa
1974Arnold SchwarzeneggerNew York, NY
1973Arnold SchwarzeneggerNew York, NY
1972Arnold SchwarzeneggerEssen, Germany
1971Arnold SchwarzeneggerParis France
1970Arnold SchwarzeneggerNew York, NY
1969Sergio OlivaNew York, NY
1968Sergio OlivaNew York, NY
1967Sergio OlivaNew York, NY
1966Larry ScottNew York, NY
1965Larry ScottNew York, NY

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