2021 Olympia Classic Physique Results

Chris Bumstead is the Classic Physique Olympia champ, after winning the 2021 Olympia, which was held in Orlando, Florida, from October 7th-10th. By the end of the showdown, Terrence Ruffin was in second place, with Breon Ansley coming in the third place position

Olympia 2021 Classic Physique Results

  1. Chris Bumstead
  2. Terrence Ruffin
  3. Breon Ansley
  4. Urs Kalecinski
  5. Ramon Rocha Querioz

Previous Classic Physique Olympia Winners

  • 2020: Chris Bumstead
  • 2019: Chris Bumstead
  • 2018: Breon Ansley
  • 2017: Breon Ansley
  • 2016: Danny Hester

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