2021 Olympia Men’s Physique Results

The Men’s Physique division was one that saw a bit of shakeup this time around. Brandon Hendrickson has won the 2021 Men’s Physique title at the 2021 Mr. Olympia, took place October 7th-10th, in Orlando, Florida. This left Erin Banks taking second place at the event, while Diogo Montenegro came in third.

Olympia 2021 Men’s Physique Results

  1. Brandon Hendrickson
  2. Erin Banks
  3. Diogo Montenegro
  4. Kyron Holden
  5. Raymont Edmonds

Men’s Physique Olympia Winners

  • 2020: Brandon Hendrickson
  • 2019: Raymont Edmonds
  • 2018: Brandon Hendrickson
  • 2017: Jeremy Buendia
  • 2016: Jeremy Buendia
  • 2015: Jeremy Buendia
  • 2014: Jeremy Buendia
  • 2013: Mark Anthony Wingson

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