Joe Weider’s Olympia Weekend just agreed to Trifecta 5-Year Sponsorship

Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend agrees to 5 year title sponsorship deal with Trifecta, the nation’s largest organic meal delivery service.

Chief Olympia Officer Dan Solomon stated:

“Our commitment to expanding our reach across the entire healthy living community is what led us to Trifecta. Meal delivery has become a true game-changer throughout the fitness industry. Trifecta’s service, food quality, and leadership have helped them climb to the top of their category.”

Trifecta CEO Greg Connolly stated:

“It’s a tremendous honor to join forces with the world’s most influential fitness event as its title sponsor. Legends like Arnold Schwarzenegger made their name via the Olympia, and it is to this day the world’s greatest showcase of training and diet hands down. Trifecta is the perfect fit as a title sponsor, providing the highest-level meal delivery and nutrition program on the planet that has helped sitting champions like Shawn Rhoden rise to the top of the sport. We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership.”

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