WE’RE GOING TO BODYPOWER | Seeing Rob Lipsett, Vitruvian Physique and more!

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT. WE ARE DOING IT! Bodypower this year is happening for the full 3 days, OH HELL YES, the FULL 3 DAYS! This is gonna be a damn good time. Watch the video for more in depth info and some sneak peeks of last years trip.
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Bodypower Clips: http://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=o-_vgjhqB8E

Info Link: https://prezi.com/user/leb5tn_smrhb/

Use code “ABF10” for 10% off at vxsgymwear.co.uk

Intro Creator: https://youtu.be/bGLCCNpl6jg


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