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Upperbody workout with #TeamBSN Spicy at Golds Gym in Venice + Candy Can Protein Cupcake Recipe. Are you ready for a fun-packed vlog?! It’s been a while since I’ve uploaded a good one and this is a GOOD ONE. Check it out:

Candy Cane Protein Cupcakes Recipe
Using @bsnsupplements Syntha-6 Candy Cane Protein Powder (Limited Edition).
——Approximate Macros———
Protein: 10g / Carbs: 12g / Fat: 4.5g
128 CALORIES (with frosting)

I LOVE baking, in fact, IT USED TO BE MY JOB! I’ve created top down cooking videos for multiple companies back in the day (JumbleJoy, LaurDIY, Tasty..ect..).

With this huge shipment of protein powder from my sponsor @bsnsupplements, I wanted to start getting creative with the way I incorporate protein into my diet (especially during the off season). So I borrowed this AMAZING recipe from: and made them for a Friendsgiving party I co-hosted at my house this past weekend.

I got good reviews and hope to continue making more recipes. What do you guys think? What should I try backing next? Comment below!

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