How long does it take the AVERAGE guy to complete a FRONT LEVER!

HOW TO FRONT LEVER… In this video I going to show you the training I underwent to complete a 5 second #frontlever #calisthenics #howtofrontlever

Programme as follows:

First 2 weeks (4 x a week)
Back Curls – 3 x 12
Hanging Knee Raises – 3 x 12

Week 3 & 4
Tuck Lever – 10 x 7 sec hold
Single Leg Lever – 10 x 7 sec hold

Work up to holding for 20 seconds.

Alternative Leg Lever – 3 x 5 reps per leg

Week 5 rest

Week 6 ( 3 x a week)

Tuck Ice cream scoops – 3 x 5-8 reps
Full Ice Cream scoops 3x 5-8 reps

Week 7

work on lever daily after warming up with the above

Let me know how you get on it you give it a try!

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