10 Shoulder Mobility Exercises to Get Rid of Shoulder Pain

In this video, I outline the shoulder mobility exercises that will help you eliminate shoulder pain, as well as prevent injury. It’s important to be diligent with your mobility practices and be as consistent as possible. While it is often overlooked and seen as the last thing to do in the gym, proper warnups and mobility work can provide benefits that have invaluable measures.

Here’s the outline for the program:

-Foam Rolling
-Praying pose, arms in front (3 x 10 seconds)
-Wall stretches, upward angle (3 x10 seconds each way)
-Wall stretches, rotator cuff, up and sideways (3 x 10 seconds each way)

-Band Circles (3×10)
-Shoulder Blade Bands Pulls (3 x10 each way)
-External rotations w/ band (3 x 10)
-Upward external rotations (3 x 10)
-Arm circles
-Weighted external rotations
-Weighted around the worlds


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