10 Basic Health and Anti-Aging Tactics

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1) “You Are What You Eat”
Processed oils (vegetable, canola, soybean, & hydrogenated) cause oxidative damage to cells & brain neurons.
Sugars and refined carbohydrates cause significant insulin and blood glucose spikes resulting in lower glycemic variability.
Goal is to keep insulin low, and allow fat burning genes to be kept on.
2) Low Carbohydrates, Healthy FATS!
Reduced insulin = reduced fat accumulation = increased fatty acid oxidation
-cellular membrane of your cell is made up and operated off fats!
Cognitive increase (20-30%) once fat adapted.
Duel fueled (fats and glucose)
Body produces glucose via gluconeogenesis (glucose goes into muscle cells as glycogen).
3) Produces more mitochondria (energy factory of the cell)
GH increase (10–15%) and activates IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor)
– Protein and cell proliferation & metabolism
8 week study:
Group 1: 8am, 1pm, 8pm (2.4% fat loss)
Group 2: 1pm, 4pm, 8pm (16.2% fat loss)
Cellular autophagy, recycles old proteins to new ones and cleaning out of the cells microbes.
4) Essential minerals/micro-nutrients
Insoluble fiber, antioxidants, oxidized cholesterol reducers.
BONUS: Rip up kale a few hours or the night before consumption to increase antioxidants due to plants defense mechanism.
5) Low-level to moderate exercise.
20 MIN a day. 60 min aerobic & 90 min anaerobic increase mortality risk.
EPOC (6-15% of calories burned post workout).
#1 Heart rate
#2 Core body temperature
#3 Lactate system
#4 Re-oxygenation of myoglobin and hemoglobins
6) Loneliness epidemic (alcohol and drug abuse, binge eating)
Helps maintain low cortisol levels (low stress)
Blue zones and religious practices
“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”
7) Alcohol is a neuro-depressant and works to calm the CNS.
Reduces cardiovascular and heart disease through present flavonoids.
Wine has high amounts of anti-inflammatory polyphenols and a compound known as resveratrol (comes from skin of grapes) that protects against oxidative damage.
People who drink 1-3 glasses of alcohol a day are 3x more likely than non-drinkers to live to age 85.
Daily moderate drinkers are also twice as likely to be cognitively healthy at 85 (less risk of alzheimers and dementia).
8) Hormonal benefits, induces detoxification system (via lymphatic system), and immune system boosting (infection-fighting cells up to 20%)
Women who bear children at later age or bear more children, experience enhanced longevity.
9) Cell regeneration time (replenish energy storages, tissue regeneration, and protein production).
Sleep deprivation can increase CRP levels (main marker for inflammation).
Weight gain, cognitive decline, and compromised immune system.
Have a reason to wake up every day.
11 year NIH study showed increase in longevity for people who had a clear purpose in life compared to those who did not.
Going through the motions daily result in stress (high cortisol levels), hormonal imbalances, poor habits, and substitutions for happiness.

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