HOW TO GET A BIGGER CHEST| Push Workout| Physique Update 4 weeks out|

Decided to do a little push workout commentary for you all. Explain my typical chest routines and the amount of volume I do to grow my chest. At certain times I do different styles of training. Like if I am training to increase my max I train differently than when I am just trying to put on mass. However, my workouts stay pretty high volume most of the time because at the end of the day I am a bodybuilder and am trying to get bigger not a power lifter that is trying to get super strong. It is all personal preference, but this is just what I like to do and I think it could help you grow your chest as well. Hope you enjoy the workout. As always leave a like if you enjoyed the video, comment down below your favorite chest exercise, and subscribe if you like the channel. Thank you!

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