HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT| Full Day Of Eating| Competition Prep

Decided to record a full day of eating for you all. This was about 4-5 weeks out from my show. I know I said 3 weeks out but it is longer than that. I also did end up dropping my calories to 2,000 and then again to 1,800 just to dial in right before the show. Then for peak week they will be different each day. But tracking macros is what I have used this whole prep to lose 40-45 lbs in about 16 weeks. So, it is not super fast but it is very effective and how I recommend losing weight to anyone. Also, this same concept can be used to gain weight. Just being in a caloric surplus instead of a deficit. So, I hope that anyone is looking to lose weight can use this. It is simple just a lot of work, but you can do it. You just have to realize it takes time and consistency. After this long though, I am definitely starting to feel crappier by the day and am getting a lot of cravings. But let me know down in the comments below if you have ever dieted or what method you use. Hope this helps.

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