Spent the weekend with my girlfriend and decided to film a little day in the life. Did a little bit of cooking and a lot of working out. Recorded a super intense leg circuit for you all to try. If you like the workout you can follow my Instagram @ Carson_Laffin_Fitness to find this workout and many others.
-45 seconds squat jumps/15 seconds rest
-45 seconds stiff leg dead lift/15 seconds rest
-45 seconds burpees/15 seconds rest
-45 second jumping lunges/15 seconds rest
-45 seconds knee ups/15 seconds rest
-45 seconds jumping jacks/15 seconds rest
-45 seconds kick back (Each leg)/15 seconds rest
-45 second knee touches/15 seconds rest

Omelette Recipe:
-2 Eggs
-4 Servings Egg Substitute
-1.5 servings Honey Ham
-1/4 Cup Skim Milk
-0.5 servings of onion
-0.5 servings of pepper
-1 cheese single
-Protein Wrap (L’oven Fresh)
-35 Calorie Wheat Bread (2 slices)
-Olive Oil/Pam Spray
Let me know in the comments if you try the omelette recipe and how you like it. It is really good and very low calorie. Also, let me know if you want more healthy recipes/cooking videos.

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