Summer Shredding| 1 DAY OUT

Sorry for the delay of the video, I’ve been really busy. But here is my one day out video. I got my last workout and cardio session in. Looking back, it was really weird for me to be done. I couldn’t really believe that it was real. I was dieting for 16 weeks and I was done. I was definitely a little bit sad, but I was ready to step on stage. Let me know down in the comments if you guys have ever went through something similar to this. You work so hard and long for something and you reach your end and are sad it’s over. It’s hard to explain, you get so used to the grind that it’s weird not having something specific you’re working towards. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy the video. Next video is the big one. SHOW DAY. Hope you all enjoy. Thank you for the support.

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