Booty Massacre

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This video is featuring my good friend Nelson Wong, who is a powerlifter. I met him about a year and a half ago. I had always seen him at my gym powerlifting and recording himself on his phone with a tripod. One day, he came up to me and asked me if I attended Montclair State University because he had seen me on Move in Day when I went there. Turned out, his little sister who is my age went there as well. From there on out, we would say hi to each other at the gym and soon thereafter, I approached him because I wanted to get into squatting and deadlifting. I wanted to learn proper form and eventually start lifting heavy. He agreed to help me out and we met up and he taught me the proper form to a sumo dead lift. I pulled 135 on that first day! Since then, we have remained great friends and he still helps me out with form and what not. Currently he is helping me out on my road to 225 for my squat! He is also super busy with making a “business” creating film projects for various companies and runs his YouTube channel with his friend, Nick Monforte, called, Trial By Iron. Check them out, they have great lifting content. & Remember to, like, share, and subscribe!!


Trial By Iron


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