How To Train Like Baki Hanma From Baki The Grappler | AT HOME

In Today’s video I show you guys how to train like Baki Hanma at home. The only equipment that you need are dumbbells, an exercise mat and a some water. So let’s get it!!!

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Today’s workout:
Jumping Jacks 3×40 seconds
Shadow Boxing 30 seconds
Full body crunch 2 x 10
Reverse crunches 2 x 10
Russian twist 2x 25
Elbow to knee 2x 30
Side obliques 2 x 10

2 x 10 body weight squats from a pulse to a jump
2 x 12 Bulgarian split squats
3x 10 go from laying on your stomach to an explosive jump
3 x 10 Renegade rows
3 x 10 Pull ups
3 x 10 Swimmer curls
3x 10 pike ups
3x 10 lateral raise to front raise
3x 10 bent over rear delt fly
2 x 10 calf raises

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