15 Minute Bodyweight Cardio with (no repeats) // cierra aguilar

This quick 15 minute bodyweight Cardio Workout with no repeats can be done at home! There is no equipment required! It will get your blood flowing and your heart pumping, while burning those calories. This bodyweight cardio workout practice, helps lower the risk of chronic diseases developing. It strengthens your muscles and endurance! Perfect for beginners. I demonstrate modified and regular exercises. Just bring yourself and come do this 15 minute bodyweight cardio workout with us! Welcome to the Fit Glo Fam!

Meal Plan:

I have a 28 Day Meal Plan Coming Soon! It’s only $2. It comes with 7 pages, including the cover page, and it will jump start your weightless or healthy eating goals! Or get it FREE by joining our FaceBook Motivational Group!


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All information provided by Cierra Aguilar is strictly for entertainment purposes. This is my own personal workout plan, and it may not be suited for you.It is strongly recommended that you consult with your physician, before beginning or participating in the exercising program or video provided by Cierra Aguilar.

By participating in this exercise program or exercise program, you agree to do so at your own risk. Cierra Aguilar is not responsible or liable for any injury sustained, as a result for using content in this video or any other video provided by Cierra Aguilar.

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