500lb Squat With a Fused Spine @ Zoo Culture Gym

500lb squat with a fused spine ‼️

I told myself before I left for LA that I wasn’t coming back until I hit a PR at Zoo Culture lol

Thankfully that’s exactly what I did!

Major milestone for me. My goal this year was to get a 500lb squat so that’s checked off the goal list for 2021 ✅

600lb deadlift is next 🤫

Some could argue I didn’t get deep enough. I myself would like to hit 500 again with more depth which will happen moving forward

Who’s got big fitness goals for this year? Comment below ⬇️

Taking on more online clients ‼️ new software/app is going to super convenient for everyone to use. SUPER hype to use this platform moving forward.

Follow me on Instagram & email me for details ✅

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