Crystal Clear Goal Setting [Your Fat Loss Plan Ep1]

This episode is based around how practical and necessary it is to create crystal clear goals and visions. If you want anything out of this life, you need to seriously consider whether you’re doing everything you can to gain it. Establishing your goals in a clear and concise way has been scientifically proven to make your goals 20x more achievable.

Through this episode, I instruct you on how to lay out your own plan step by step, and how to figure out the specifics of what you want in your goals. Many people know the gist of what they want, but have no idea on the specifics. Detailing your goals in this way will make them more achievable, and they will also make you realize how attainable they are.

This is a principle to use in business, fitness and general life, so it’s a very applicable episode to anyone.

The “Your Fat Loss Plan” series is a series I am starting to help people who can’t afford a trainer, or would prefer to do the process on their own in a 10-11 piece process that will uncover many tips and science based methods to make your plan as easy and effective as possible. The goal of these episodes is to make your fitness goal attainable, sustainable and maintainable once achieved. These episodes can also be found on my podcast Pocket Coach to listen on the go.

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