The Basics of Fat Loss [Your Fat Loss Plan Ep2]

This episode covers the fundamental laws of fat loss. A + B always = C. However there are some smaller pieces to the puzzle that create the more ideal situation for fat loss that we touch on. It is also important to mention the misconceptions in how to achieve fat loss. There are a lot of fake ideas out there about how fat loss is created, so we address these.

The “Your Fat Loss Plan” series is a series I am starting to help people who can’t afford a trainer, or would prefer to do the process on their own in a 10-11 piece process that will uncover many tips and science based methods to make your plan as easy and effective as possible. The goal of these episodes is to make your fitness goal attainable, sustainable and maintainable once achieved. These episodes can also be found on my YouTube Kieran Hedley Fitness if you would rather sit down and watch.

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