Bye ’19, Hello ’20, Bye ENG, Hoiiii Dutch

Happy New Year everybody! 2019 was hectic but succesful, I’ve reached all my goals in the gym and personal life. Work got insane, especially at the end but we never complain! Let’s look into 2020 together, set some serious goals again and smash them! Owhyeah, watch untill the end. I have something cool to announce:) Beats by Tommy Fantom!

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I will soon upload more about how I exercise,
for example squat, deadlift and benchpress and how I also use Keto diet for losing weight. I’m not a personal trainer but have enough knowledge and motivation to share!
I’ve used Intermittent fasting, Keto Diet & macro counting though MyFitnessPal for my body weight transformation!

My 30kg/66lbs transformation:

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