Welcome!!! This is the intro to my brand new fitness channel. In this video I will explain to you why I started this channel and what you can expect from it.
My main focus will be keeping it realistic and honest in a often fake fitness industry. Therefor I like to keep my videos simple with a focus on relevant insights and advice on my progress in the gym and how I exercise. I’m not a personal trainer but managed to get myself a huge transformation and I love to motivate others.
Also I will show how I diet with for example intermittent fasting and Keto for weight loss and give advice on using fitness lifestyle related apps such as MyFitnessPal.
I still need to get used to vlogging and YouTube so videos might be a bit long in the beginning but I will improve that!
Please like, comment & subscribe cause within one year from now, I will have a real impressive physique and you will be able to experience how I get there!

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