KETO IN MADRID / 24 hours fast to kickstart after my birthday week

We all have ups and downs, so do I! In this video I explain how I messed up a bit on my diet with some cheat meals and alcohol during my birthday week.
It’s all about being motivated en dedicated enough to get back on your gym routine and healthy diet asap so I made a plan. I’m going to visit Madrid to see my daughter and will combine that with one week of Keto Diet. The ketogenic diet has helped me making good weightless progress before. This is the first episode of my KETO IN MADRID series, have a look!

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I will soon upload more about how I exercise,
for example squat, deadlift and benchpress and how I also use Keto diet for losing weight. I’m not a personal trainer but have enough knowledge and motivation to share!

My 30kg/66lbs transformation:

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